In Development

Following the Spanish Succession in 1714, an unruly pirate sailed the Mediterranean in search of a precious gem stone legend to give power over the seas.  Pirates ruled from Malta to Portugal storming ships, killing Kings, and seizing treasure in search of the elusive … RUBY.

From CoffeeRing Entertainment and Veritas Motion Pictures comes a short format musical like you’ve never seen.  Walk the plank in 2019.

Production Information

Executive Producer:  Chadiwck Pelletier
Co-EP:  Marc Beaumont
Writer-Director:  Chadwick Pelletier
DP:  John T. Connor
Production Co.:  CoffeeRing Entertainment LLC
Production Partner:  The Hollywood Index

Status:  Announced


She Will Be Loved

IMDb  I  Official Website  I  Trailer

For Blood
The Rogue Report

IMDb  I  Official Website  I  Trailer


IMDb  I  Official Website  I  Trailer